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Hot news: EVENING HOURS starts this week

Peter Founder

2 min read

The results of our survey suggested some of you were keen on us opening in the evenings. We need to keep an eye on our electricity bill but we’ll be trialing out extended sauna hours on Thursdays and Fridays from 16:00-21:00 from this week. We hope you’ll take advantage of this and it will attracts more members.

Please, remember to tap in with your wristband each time you enter the sauna as it gives us an accurate record of usage throughout the day.

Next OPEN DAY: Sunday 2 April

Our last open day was a great success and we had between 30-40 guests. Our OPEN DAY is a great way of sharing the sauna with the wider community whilst also being a good marketing exercise. If you know anyone who is thinking of becoming a member, please bring them along.

Membership runs for 12 months so there’s nothing to gain by waiting to sign up. If you know someone who is keen but they can’t make the OPEN DAY, get in touch and one of our committee members can take them another time. Just email us and we’ll arrange a meeting.

Do you have an interesting story to tell?

Has anyone noticed how sitting in the sauna makes you want to talk? The heat makes us relax and with no distractions from mobile phones, we naturally want to connect with each other.

Recently, we’ve heard some incredible stories from some of our members about how sauna use has transformed some people’s lives. We would like to capture and share some of those stories with the rest of the community to promote the sauna.

  • Perhaps you have a stressful job, and using the sauna helps managing this?
  • Perhaps you’ve had health conditions and using the sauna has alleviated your symptoms?
  • Perhaps you just want to tell others how great the sauna is?

If any of this applies to you, and you would be happy to help us promote the sauna, please get in touch.