Folkestone sunrise by Shaun Staveley
Photo © Shaun Staveley

Looking for a toasty seaside retreat after your swim?

Tucked away on the seafront in Sandgate, Folkestone Sea Sauna is the first, permanent sauna that allows it's members to complement the cold-water benefits of sea swimming with the sauna heat

Have you ever experienced the ultimate relaxation of a sea sauna? Folkestone sea sauna is now open and ready to take your sauna experience to the next level! Imagine breathing in the fresh sea air and feeling the warmth of the sauna on your skin. After you sweat out the toxins, step out to enjoy the breathtaking view of the sea. Take a dip in the cool sea water afterwards and feel the rejuvenation that comes with it. Don't miss out on this one-of-a-kind experience - register for membership now and get ready to be transported to a state of complete relaxation and bliss!

Our sauna is accessible only for those with membership

Other than our open days that we hold across the year, the sauna is closed to the public and is for the sole use if its members.

Folkestone Sea Sauna & Folkestone Rowing Club

When you become a member of Folkestone Sea Sauna you also get the added benefit of Folkestone Rowing Club social membership? Follow our guide and apply for your annual membership now.

Don't hang around, the Sauna is only a couple of clicks away.

  • End of Season update

    Summer is on it's way and that means the end of our first Sauna Season is getting close. Here are some key dates for your diary.

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    The Concept

    "So how can I use the sauna?"

    If you're not sure how you join, how you get in and when you can go then head over to the Concept page to get more detail.

    The Sauna Concept
  • Inside Folkestone Sea Sauna

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    Don't hang around, the Sauna is only a click away.

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